Keep Smiling and Get a Costless Treatment For All

"A smile is a curve that can set everything straight.’’ This is quite rightly said because a smile often occurs as a result of positive thoughts which can sort everything in life. The best part about a smile is that it costs nothing and yet can heal thousands of wounds. So, just stretch your lip muscles a bit and read on the six reasons why you should smile more and keep the positive thoughts flowing.

@ For your Mental and Emotional Well-Being

When you feel low and negativity takes over you, the best remedy is to smile. This will instantly change your mood and emotional experience. Smiling can bring changes to our response to stress by slowing the heart rate and decreasing the perceived levels of stress.

@To Increase your Lifespan

To add years to your life, you must smile as much as possible. Apart from following a healthy lifestyle which consists of nutritious diet, exercise regime, and ample sleep, you must also smile to live a long and healthy life.

@To Bring Happiness to Someone Else

According to a study, when a person saw someone smiling, it stimulated the brain and heart more so than eating a chocolate, having sex, or receiving money. So, smile and spread the cheerfulness.

@To Build Stronger Relationships

If you smile more, your relationship with your partner will stay stronger. Many studies have shown that people with large smiles have successful marriages and on the contrary people with smaller smiles tend to fail at their relationships. When you smile more you spread more happiness in the relationship and your relationship stays emotionally stable.

@ To Make People have Faith in you

If you have a smiling face, you appear to be more sincere and trustworthy to others. Also, studies have shown that men find women more attractive when they smile than when they are wearing makeup.

@ To Bag a Job

This reason may leave you amazed but the truth remains that by merely concentrating on your appearance during an interview may not help you bag the job but, a smiling face can. So, the next time you go for an interview don’t leave your smile back home.

So, be it decreasing the stress or saving your marriage from trouble, your remedy to all the problems in life is a smile.