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Sri Ramadasu 387th Jayanthi Utsavam

University of Silicon Andhra, 1521 Circle, Milpitas, CA 95035

16 Feb, 2020
16 Feb, 2020

Kancherla Gopanna (1620-1680), was a tahsildar or a glorified clerk
during the Nizam rule. It was sheer providence that he was led to the
dilapidated shelter Pokala Dammakka constructed for Sri Rama and
instantly surrendered to Him. He used his position as a government
official and brought glory to Sita. Rama and Lakshmana through a proper
temple. But the real glory came through his songs. Gopanna sang
earnestly for Rama. His songs wring the heart. Everyone sang his songs.
In fact, Tyagaraja’s mother sang them for him and instilled Rama bhakti.
We have yet another a treasure of songs as a result!
Telugu language, earnestness, affection, honesty and surrender are the
hallmarks of Ramadasu. Gopanna was and still is known by the name
Ramadasu, literally, slave of Rama. Ramadasu was jailed for spending
public funds to construct the temple. That didn't stop him from singing!
He sang through the torture in the jail for 12 years and even when
free. For Ramadasa, Rama of Bhadrachalam was the only truth. He was a
friend, a servant, a devotee and a confidant. Ramadasu lauded, teased,
chided, pleaded, submitted, blessed…In short, he experienced Rama
through every cell of his being. So deep seated was his devotion that
Rama and Lakshmana themselves appeared to the then Nizam and cleared the
debt for him!

On Sunday 16th Feb 2020 at 8:00 AM

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