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About Requirements Elicitation:

31 Mar, 2018

Requirements Elicitation or Requirements Gathering is the process
used to collect requirements from stakeholders, users or customers.Every
software must solve a purpose.

The ultimate purpose which it must solve can be explained in detail only by the end users.
However, mere taking of orders from them is not going to suffice.

lack of technical knowledge, logical reasoning and in expertise all
makes user instructions incompatible for software development.Hence,
Requirement Elicitation is used to document requirements from

It is done in a methodological manner so that
developers have a clear idea of what is required before software
development process begins.

Requirements Elicitation Training Outline:-

The purpose of this course is to train students in the right methods of gathering requirements from stakeholders.
to ask the right questions that will bring out the exact requirements
from stakeholders, how to identify stakeholders who are directly related
to the requirements, how to apply the various methods of requirement
gathering in real-world scenarios, etc.
Additionally, students will
also pick up soft skills essential to handle complex situations often
faced in Requirement Gathering.

Requirements Elicitation Training Objectives:-

  • Understand the fundamental purpose of Business Analysis.

  • Explore the various methods of Requirement Elicitation.

  • Understand the various methods of Requirement Elicitation.

  • Choice of methods for Requirement Elicitation.

  • Learn and practice critical thinking for engaging stakeholders, understanding their needs proactively and selecting new ideas for gathering requirements.

Requirements Elicitation Course Audience

Training Duration

  • 2 days.

Requirements Elicitation Training Schedule:-


  • Define business analysis.

  • Discuss what requirements are and how they are utilized in analysis.

  • Describe requirements elicitation and techniques available.

Putting Requirements Elicitation into Practice:-

Describe how to use 11 different elicitation techniques to understand stakeholder requirements.

  • Document Analysis.

  • Observation.

  • Surveys, Questionnaires.

  • Requirements Workshops.

  • Brainstorming.

  • Focus Groups.

  • Interface Analysis.

  • Data Mining.

  • Mind Mapping.

  • Benchmarking and Market Analysis.

Improve your elicitation skills by:-

  • Practicing several elicitation techniques.

  • Utilizing active listening techniques.

  • Enhancing critical thinking skills.

  • Using various techniques for increased brainstorming results.

  • Choose the appropriate technique(s) for your project.

Business Analysis and Elicitation:-

  • Meet the Business Analyst.

  • Purpose of Business Analysis.

  • Business Analysis Knowledge Areas.

  • Understanding Stakeholder Types.

  • The detail/frequency/effort dependency.

Supporting Elicitation techniques:-

  • Prototyping basics.

  • Screen prototypes.

  • Navigational diagrams.

  • Interface Analysis – usage and limitations.

Elicitation in Agile Business Analysis:-

  • Business analysis approach overview.

  • Frequency and detail of communication.

  • Plan-driven approach – ideas and usage

  • Change-driven approach – ideas and usage.

  • Choosing the right approach.

Getting the Most Out of Elicitation:

  • Describe the considerations for planning elicitation.

  • Choose the most appropriate elicitation technique(s).

  • Ensure the right people are involved in elicitation activities.

  • Validate your elicitation results.

  • Manage Conflict.

  • Confirm stakeholders have a shared understanding of requirements.

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